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The Appellate process brings your case back into focus in a post-case setting.

Sometimes you end up getting results from your case that you're not satisfied with, we understand! Your judgement should be fair and fit the crime. Our Appeals Lawyers and Appellate Investigators are the last line of defense for your case. This is your life and to have to live the rest of your life with a charge or judgement that never felt right in the first place is an injustice. Let our Attorneys discover your case as if it's starting all over again. Uncover any additional evidence, review statements, interview witnesses & more.

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Whether you're experiencing an Appeal of a Criminal Felony, Misdemeanor Law Case, Family Law Case, Divorce and/or Child Custody Legal Issues our Firm can give you the appeals representation you need. If Criminal Defense Appeals is most important to you, don't play any games. The Schenk Law Firm provides affordable Criminal Defense Appeals Attorneys for almost every type of case!

Green Bay Attorney/Lawyer at Law Aaron W. Schenk, One of the Best Green Bay/Appleton/Oshkosh Lawyers/Attorneys that provides Free Legal Advice & Free Consultations for Felony & Misdemeanor CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAW ATTORNEY, FAMILY LAWYER, PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY, WILLS LAW OFFICE, TRUSTS LAW FIRM, ESTATES ATTORNEYS, and is also a SPORTS AGENCY. Contact our Law Firm for FREE LEGAL CONSULTATIONS, FREE CASE EVALUATIONS, & FREE LEGAL ADVICE. - SCHENK LAW FIRM, LLC - GREEN BAY/APPLETON/OSHKOSH, WI

Family Law Appeals can be extremely complex and you'll need an Appellate attorney to care about you.

Post conviction investigations are the key to your appeals success. Our attorneys go the extra mile during investigation of your appeals case, we understand that you may need a complete case review to redefine facts and possibly uncover new facts. We look forward to Fighting Your Case.

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For a Free Appeals Consultation use our Contact Form or Call (920) 965 - 8210. Get Quality Appellate Representation without Breaking Your Bank! For other Practice Areas See Below, you will find that virtually no matter what your Legal need the Schenk Law Firm can fulfill it! Our Lawyers are here to serve you with Free Legal Consultations, Case Evaluations, & Legal Advice.