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Criminal Law

If you didn't do it, then you didn't do it! Why should you have to plead guilty to a crime that you did not commit? Sometimes, the only way to prove your innocence is to convince a jury. Our Criminal Law Attorneys are happy to bring your case to a jury of your peers and aggressively argue your innocence. Even if you take responsibility for your actions, you do not deserve any harsher of a penalty than what we can negotiate for you. You might think to yourself,"How long will a trial take?", "Is it worth it?", or "It would be easier just to quit..." Never forget that Criminal charges are serious matters, and the Schenk Law Firm wants to fight for you!

Family Law & Divorce

Dealing with a Divorce can be one of the hardest issues in life. The Schenk Law Firm provides you with the guidance to "see the light" at the end of the tunnel and soften some of the emotional strain involved in this experience. Our Divorce and Family Law Attorneys give you comfort by limiting the negative impact of your situation. The last worry you need is to lose your material wealth or kids. Child Custody can make matters even worse; your children need you, and our Family Lawyers will insure your ability to obtain and exercise your rights.


Criminal Defense of (OWI) drunk driving charges are a technical and precise area of Traffic Defense Law. Drunk Driving Attorneys must possess masterful knowledge of all legal procedures, evidence collections and the devices/tests used to collect the evidence. The Schenk Law Firm understands the "Blood Alcohol Curve" which is simply stated the time that it takes for Alcohol consumed to reach the blood stream and effect a human’s fine motor skills. There are many factors to determine whether you were actually intoxicated at the time of arrest and the time of driving, such as how much food was consumed the day of offense and much more. OWI and Drunk Driving Defense is the most common type of cases the attorneys at the Schenk Law Firm encounter. Wisconsin is notorious for Drunk Driving Related Prison Sentences, call (920) 965 - 8210 or use our Contact Form immediately to avoid becoming a statistic.

Traffic Law

Whether or not your Traffic Violations are the result of obvious negligence, traffic tickets do happen, and IF you're not at fault, you might have a case. Lawyers are often needed to defend your driving record. Demerit points are assessed to drivers when convicted of a moving violation, beginning on the date of the violation. The courts send the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) Division of Motor Vehicles records of all Traffic Violations. The Schenk Law Firm will battle for every ticket to minimize or possibly reduce all demerit points. The Schenk Law Firm Traffic Law Expertise Speeds ahead of the competition in Traffic Know How and Experience. Our Traffic Law Attorneys do everything to keep drivers behind the wheel.

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Criminal Defense

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Family Law

Our Attorneys are about family, your rights to your children, child support, marital properties, etc.

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Traffic Law

Demerit points are assessed to drivers, when convicted, beginning on the date of the violation.

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