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In the matters of Family Law, the Schenk Law Firm understands the complexity and sensitivity involved when handling your domestic legal disputes & family law matters. Conflict revolves around the process of the dividing of a family. Our family attorneys will represent you in any of the various stages of Family Law. Whether you are in the early stages of divorce and/or child custody or require modification or enforcement of the agreement(s), the Schenk Law Firm believes in supporting you to obtain the rights you desire and deserve.

Our Family Law Attorneys have your best interests at heart and our family lawyers will work diligently to obtain everything that you are entitled t0 contact a family law lawyer today for a Free Family Law Consultation.

Even though some divorces seem cut and dry with little dispute among the parties, solid Divorce Attorney representation is required to look out for your best interest. Other family law cases are more complex due to the sensitive nature of the relationship ending. Often emotions, like stress and anger, can fuel disputes. The Schenk Law Firm possesses the knowledge and resources you need to put out the fires throughout the divorce process.

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When children are involved, even the simplest situation can erupt due to the emotions that revolve around your children. The Schenk Law Firm will work with you to make decisions in the best interest of your children. Often, parents exploit their children out of spite for their soon to be ex-spouse. The attorneys at the Schenk Law Firm will ensure that all conflicts are resolved to your satisfaction. The Schenk Law Firm will work aggressively to resolve your family legal disputes, while maintaining the personal connection required in this time of emotional stress and strain.