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Criminal Law

🚨 Whether you're experiencing a Criminal Felony or Misdemeanor Law Case (Murder, Drugs, Assault, Burglary, Theft, Larceny, Domestic Abuse, Bodily Harm & More), Traffic (Drunk Driving, OWI, DUI, Operating after Revocation, Speeding, & More), Probation Revocation, or Appeals, Our Firm provides representation you need.

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Family Law

👪 Family Laws can be extremely complex and you'll need an attorney to care about you. When It's Over It's Over. The Schenk Law Firm's Family Lawyers can help you in matters of Divorce/Marriage, Child Custody, Child Support, and Marital Properties. Child Custody & Placement and/or Divorce

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Attorney & Criminal Defense Attorney Law Firm Practicing in Criminal & Family Law • Divorce Attorney • Felony Criminal Attorneys • Misdemeanor Criminal Lawyer • Assault Lawyer " Battery Defense Attorney  • Theft Lawyer • Drunk Driving (DUI-OWI) Attorney • Probation Revocation Lawyer, Appeals Law Firm • Traffic Lawyer & More! • Free Legal Consultations & Free Case Evaluations. GREEN BAY/APPLETON/OSHKOSH, WISCONSIN


For a Green Bay and/or Appleton Attorney, THAT PUTS YOU FIRST, look no further! The Schenk Law Firm, LLC is a "Client-First" Law Firm serving Green Bay (Brown County), Appleton (Outagamie County), Oshkosh (Winnebago County), and all other areas in Northeastern Wisconsin & Michigan. The Schenk Law Firm provides powerful legal representation to the people of Wisconsin, we are available for 24/7 Emergency Legal Assistance ✉ as well.

⚖ Our Attorneys are some of the most sympathetic and considerate. Whether you're experiencing a ⚖ Criminal Felony or Misdemeanor Law Case, Traffic, Probation Revocation, Appeals, Family Law Case, Divorce, Child Custody, Tribal Court, or Federal Indian Legal Issues our Firm can give you the representation you need. If Criminal Defense is most important to you, don't play any games. The Schenk Law Firm, LLC provides affordable Criminal Defense Attorneys for almost every type of case!

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Serving Wisconsin in the Following Counties & More: Brown County, Outagamie County, Winnebago County, Shawano County, Oconto County, Kewaunee County, Door County, Manitowoc County & Calumet County