Class C Misdemeanors

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Misdemeanor offenses are a lesser offense than a felony, but they are not without penalties, some of which can have very devastating effects on a person's life including the inability to obtain certain jobs, qualify for bonding, or receive governmental aid such as school loans and more. You may say to yourself that it's simply a Misdemeanor, what can they do?

Under Wisconsin law, a misdemeanor is classified according to its severity. Each misdemeanor classification provides recommendations for jail sentences and fines.

A person convicted of a misdemeanor can be incarcerated into a county or local jail, ordered to pay a fine, or both. Click here to find out!

Case Types

The penalties for Class C Misdemeanors are a fine of up to $500, or imprisonment for up to 30 days, or both; for repeat offenders, the term of imprisonment extend up to 2 years.